Software Testing Services

Functional Testing

Does the application do what it is supposed to do? These are some questions that are addressed by our functional testing services. We offer manual and automated functional testing services. We have a very sound team which comprises of professionals having a wide exposure to testing applications for variety of business domains. We also have a wide exposure to functional and regression testing tools. View Tools of Testing to get more information. Our functional testing services are available for .NET, Java, PHP, VC++, Web Services, and XML based applications. View list of technologies to get more information on our technology strengths.

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Usability Testing

Most common questions our team would address during Usability Testing

  • Is the Application/Software easy to use for the end users?
  • Can the end users carry out the most common tasks without considerable help?
  • What is the rate of 'Ease of Learning' and 'Speed of task completion'?
  • Will the end user be satisfied more than 85% by using this application?
  • Is the application in line with current Industry Standards?


Performance Testing

We offer comprehensive load and performance testing services to clients interested in assessing their application performance under a specified load condition before releasing it further. We have expertise in carrying out performance testing with industry standard tools like Mercury Load Runner to open source testing tools like OpenSTA. We have expertise in offering performance testing services on web applications, client server applications and on platforms ranging from Windows to Linux.

Security Testing

Our security testing services primarily addresses different threats to information security when it comes to mission critical business applications. We also follow some security standards and test the application in a way to make it compliant to the Standards. We have experts in testing application for PCI Compliance as well as OWASP security standards. For payment Helios Financial Corporation related applications we use to tightly check for the adherence to the entire security checklist of PCI Compliance.

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Automation Testing

We develop functional and regression test suites based on a set of robust test cases to ensure high degree of reusability and reliability. Our team members helps client in tool selection with their specific requirements to ensure that the most appropriate tool or tools are selected for the current and future needs. Also ensuring the implementation of the test automation capability with integration into existing product testing processes.

Our automation teams works closely with clients to help them with initial test planning, selection of the right automation tool, its configuration by validating the tool in tool review phase. The main reason for configuration is to ensure that the tool works reliably and efficiently with the technologies used to develop software applications. We follow a well defined and streamlined methodology for test automation. We starts any automation project with proper test planning which includes setting up test beds, designing of automation scripts and execution of the scripts. The automation team would be responsible for assuring that the test can be successfully and cost effectively automated. With our clients, we identify crucial areas of the application which can be automated for increased efficiency. Automating the regression testing can deliver huge savings in time and costs but the process must be planned and managed correctly to maximize the benefits.