Configuration Management

The Matrix Solution Service Desk tracks all of the individual Configuration Items in your IT organization while working tightly with the Change Management system. Whether it is a small or large IT department, your technical, ownership and relationship attributes are all securely recorded within the Configuration Management system.

Configuration Management Processes

Planning and Identification 

  • Utilize the Novo Knowledge Base to create detailed information documenting the purpose, scope, policies and key objectives, with regard to implementing Configuration Management within your organization.
  • Identify a configuration "structure" for managing the Configuration Items (CI's) within the infrastructure. Use Novo Solutions' User Defined Fields to define which asset details will be tracked within the database.
  • Determine and label each "CI" with key information such as: item name, serial number, owner, location, relationships to other CI's, and any other key identifiers needed.


  • Maintain database consistency within the Configuration Management system at all times. Use Novo Solutions' Roles-based Permissions to control which Admin Users are authorized to add, update or manage CI's. Limit access strictly to the Admin's department or allow system-wide permissions.
  • Relate RFC's (Requests from the Change Management system) to the appropriate Configuration Items so that the change documentation is a click away from the actual CI record.

Status Accounting

  • Create custom reports using built-in Novo Custom Reports Builder wizard. Avoid being forced to rely on third party reporting software in order to extract key metrics related to Configuration Management.
  • Easily track PC's and other equipment from receipt to disposal. The Novo Service Desk enables users to see a view of the life history of each CI, including status changes, location changes, previous requests, etc.

Verification and Audit

  • Use Memorized Events within Novo Service Desk to schedule automated "Audit Reminders" These reminders would serve to notify key system Admins to verify the physical location of equipment as well as the accuracy of Configuration Item details and to update system records at regular intervals as needed.
  • Auto-discover and update PC information with Novo Solutions' PC Inventory component. Utilize this mechanism on your network to provide the latest hardware and software information. Once captured, each PC's hardware and software data will reside one click away from the actual CI record.